The Hon. Bardish Chagger visits Learning for Humanity

The past seven weeks went by so quickly. We had seven student interns working at Learning for Humanity. Their enthusiasm and energy was a huge benefit to the office.

The Hon. Bardish Chagger, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister of Small Business and Tourism with Phil Baker (to right of the Minister) and his team.

We received funding from the Government of Canada through the Canada Summer Jobs program for several of these interns and are very appreciative of the benefits this program gives to the community and not-for-profit organizations. Today our local Member of Parliament, the Hon. Bardish Chagger visited and encouraged these students and praised them for the contribution they may to the work of Learning for Humanity Alliance.

The Hon. Bardish Chagger, intern Rebecca Kong and Janelle Martin (Director, Content Development)

It was my priviledge to lead the mentorship component of these young people’s experience with us. I so enjoyed getting know them and hearing their questions in our one-to-one time.

We will miss their energy and enthusiasm as they return to their education and wish them all the best.

~ Wilmer

A Visit from Albert & Mary Hildebrand

Albert Riding in Ross's Convertible.
Albert riding in Ross’s Convertible

Albert and Mary Hildebrand from Sommerfeld, Paraguay arrived at my home on Thursday. We have been friends for the past 18 years. Janet and I would visit Albert and Mary each year either in Paraguay while on a TourMagination tour or at the yearly MEDA convention.

It is such a privilege to have them stay with me. Albert and I enjoy deep discussion about business, church, world events and how to make a difference in our world.

At the St. Jacobs Farmer's Market
At the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market

Last March Ross Kennel and I traveled to Paraguay to visit Albert & Mary in their home. Planning for Albert and Mary’s return visit was fun. In Paraguay, Ross and I enjoyed visiting Albert’s various business interests. We tried to plan similar opportunities for Albert, planning places to visit that may give him ideas to use when he returns to Paraguay.

Gathering on Saturday evening
Saturday evening gathering

Ross volunteered to host a gathering of friends who visited Paraguay and Albert and May on past TourMagination tours. ‎Conversation was lively as people shared memories of visits to Albert and Mary’s flour mill in Paraguay and responding to Albert’s questions.

Sunday afternoon we visited Aunt Trudy, Albert’s last living aunt in Fonthill. This was a wonderful opportunity for Albert and Mary as four of Aunt Trudy ‎children also came to visit.

Mary and Albert with Aunt Trudy
Mary and Albert with Aunt Trudy