Lancaster, PA

Janet and I always enjoyed taking a road trip in the fall, especially driving from Ontario to visit our families in Pennsylvania. The Allegheny Mountain Range with the reds, yellows and shades of other colours are always spectacular. Janet would say God creates the most spectacular pictures for our enjoyment.

We are a little early this year, the leaves are just starting to change. However, yesterday on our drive from Ontario to Chambersburg Ross Kennel, who is traveling with me, said what a beautiful drive. It really was spectacular.
I am having so much fun showing him the areas where Janet and I grew up and introducing him to my family and friends.

~ Wilmer

My grandchildren asked me to take Dr. Ross to the play ground at Oregon Dairy. But the calf was too small for him to ride!
We visited Ruth Ann and Willie Kauffman at Willie’s wood working shop ( They were glad to have the opportunity to show us “Willie’s world” and the process of cabinet making.
Aunt Sarah at age 93 is very sharp and loves to be with her nieces and nephews. My brother Eugene and I kept asking her questions!
I visited my parent’s grave at Chambersburg Mennonite Church.
My brother Eugene was pleased to show Ross and I his church office.
Anna Blanche Martin, Wilmer and his sister Elaine.
We visited the Church where I was ordained when I was 18 years old. Ross and I had a good visit with Pastor Jerry Roth. It was good to reflect and share together.
Ross discussed family genealogy with John Ruth in his home.
John Ruth said it best. The food was unusually tasty in spite of the Atmosphere. ‎It must have been the company. Look at their faces!
We visited Philadelphia with John, including the Germantown Mennonite Church and Cemetery.
A beautiful day to visit Germantown Mennonite Church, the first Mennonite Meetinghouse built in America.
While in Philadelphia, we also visited James Logan Historic House, a colleague of William Penn.

Celebrating the 180th anniversary of Erb Street Mennonite Church

Today was a special day for me. My cousin Ray Kuhns and his spouse Sharon Ruth arrived yesterday for a two day visit. It is nice to have them with me and show them around Waterloo County.

Wilmer, Sharon and Ray
Today was the 180th anniversary celebration of Erb Street Mennonite Church. This is the Congregation I pastored from 1978 to 1991. Janet and I loved being part of this faith community. Janet served as Church secretary. We were so connected to this community.

The congregation gathered at the Erb Street Mennonite Cemetery ‎at 9:30 a.m. for a time of reflection and worship. This was the site of the original meetinghouse. Sharon said it was fascinating to hear the stories of God’s presence as the history was shared.

Ray liked the way Ross Kennel shared during the children’s story, in the main worship service held at 10:30 am. He used the history book about Erb Street Mennonite Church ‎and talked about the treasure of the people in our History. He pointed out pictures from the book and had the children go into the audience, find the person and bring them forward. He focused on persons who provided congregational leadership in the past.

He reminded the children that we are all Treasures in God’s family. It was special sitting at the front with the children and seeing all the faces of the congregation. It is wonderful to see a full meeting house. I am very grateful‎ that God continues to bless this community.

~ Wilmer