Ocho Rios, Jamaica

It’s been a number of years since I’ve spent time in Jamaica and I have had a longing to come to Jamaica and visit my friends. I shared this with my daughter Janelle and she encouraged me to visit. This is the first time since my dear long-time friend and driver Audley (Milo) died.

Wilmer and Kimberly Nugent at the Almond Tree Restaurant

His daughter, Kimberly is now a Doctor. She and one of Audley’s friends met me at the airport.  Kimberly and I talked the whole way from Mo Bay (Montego Bay) to Ocho Rios.

Her Dad, Milo and I worked together for more than 28 years. He was our driver-storyteller for my TM tours. He was also my driver during my work with Habitat For Humanity Jamaica. But most of all he was my friend and Jamaican brother.

I look forward to visiting the Rock Church with Kimberly this morning, having lunch with Shirley, the former cook at Palm Ridge. Kimberly wants to take me to see her father’s grave.

It is a good time of sharing, reflecting and encouragement for Kimberly. She said she would talk and share her Dad every day.

Watch for more photos.

The view from my room at Hibiscus Lodge.
Hibiscus Lodge gave me the same room Janet and I had when we were here in 2013.
A Bald Pet Pigeon enjoying breakfast outside my room.
At Rock Church with Pastor Omar and Kimberly’s mother Joyce
Visiting Audley’s grave. Audley was buried in the Family Plot in Hampsted.
It was a privilege to meet up with Shirley who was the Cook at Palm Ridge for 20 years. She joined us to visit the Ridge, where we meet up with Winston – still providing security services.
View of Ocho Rios from Mystic Mountain
Wilmer at Mystic Mountain Park
Watching drummers and dancers at Mystic Mountain Park
Dr. Nugent with her colleagues in the HIV ward. I was impressed that they had a quote from Gandhi on the wall.

Atlanta, Georgia

The last two days I have been in Atlanta for The Fuller Center of Housing’s Board of Directors Meeting.

This morning Edgar Stoesz lead a very meaningful opening devotional in which he reminded us that Millard Fuller, who began this ministry, died over 8 years ago but the long shadow that he created continues around the world.

That ministry (shadow) is now active in 21 countries. We listed words that clarify his vision – warm and generous, compassion, relationship, love of Jesus, faith – to mention just a few of the long list of words the board came up with. Edgar concluded by reminding us of a quote from Matru Basko, “Do not seek to follow the steps of the old – seek what they sought.”

David Snell our executive director reminded us that we had a remarkable year in 2017. He brought us to tears by telling the story of a little boy who, for the last 4 years when he sat on Santa’s lap, said “what I want for Christmas is a home for Mother and me.” This year the boy and his Mother got a home from Fuller Center for Housing so this year when he visited Santa, he said “what I want for Christmas is a home for all boys and girls and their mothers.”

I am grateful for the ministry of The Fuller Center For Housing, that this legacy of Millard and Linda Fuller continues to minister in the name of Christ and that I have the privilege to be a part of their important work.

If you would like to learn more of the ministry of The Fuller Center for Housing you can visit their website.

~ Wilmer Martin