Zurich, Switzerland

Kuhns-Kennel Agreement in the Alps

Yesterday we traveled from the Bernese Oberland, over the SustenPass on our way to Zurich. The weather has been wonderful throughout this tour. We have not had rain and the clouds seemed to move from the mountain peaks when needed to ensure wonderful photos.

There were many expressions of amazement as JP drove the coach around the hairpin corners as we wound our way up the mountain. Ross had made everyone cousins on the Ross Kennel Family and Friends Tour. Since there were 4 Kuhns relatives on the trip, they had a photo taken sealing the relationship.

Loren & Julie Roth Sustan Glacier

We stopped for a photo at the glacier. JP showed us where the glacier was in 1998 and we were all amazed to see how much has melted in the past 20 years. The Glacier is still huge; however, John Ruth pointed out the huge rocks now exposed that had been buried under the ice and snow for thousands of years.

Kappeler Peace Marker

In the afternoon we stopped at the Kappeler Peace Marker on the north side of Lake Zug. In June 1529 soldiers from Zurich, accompanied by Zwingli, met the soldiers from Schweitz. It was a religious conflict as Schweitz was Catholic and Zurich was Reformed (Protestant).

The soldiers meet at Kappel on the hill overlooking Lake Zug. They were hungry and decided to share their food. The soldiers from Schweitz had milk soup while the soldiers from Zurich had bread. So they shared a meal and packed up their guns and went home. The Marker tells the moving story.

Heidi Farmstead, Hirzil

At Hirzel we remembered the story of Heidi the Swiss girl written by Johana Spyri. We saw the farmhouse that Johana could see from her home in the village. This house became the model she used for her Heidi stories. The Spyri house is today a museum dedicated to Spyri and her books about Heidi.

Students from Weimar College joined our walking tour

On our Anabaptist walking tour in Zurich we met students from California who attend the Weimar Institute and are Baptist Adventist. Their group was led by two professors who were thrilled that they were meeting a group of flesh and blood Anabaptist Mennonites. John interpreted the Felix Mantz Marker and we sang and prayed along the Limmat River.

Grossmünster, Zurich

Wilmer invited them to walk with us to the Grossmünster (the Great Minster) and to the home of Felix Mantz’s mother, the site of the first baptisms, forming the first church of the Radical Reformation. John interpreted as our groups walked together.

As we gathered around the fountain John encouraged everyone to dip their hands in this water. He explained that the house is no longer standing but water would have flowed here in 1525 as it does today. This was the source of the water used for that first baptism. Here is the beginning of our church and the tradition of believers baptism.

We sang together Faith of our Fathers and shared a prayer before we separated. With nearly 50 voices singing together, neighbors were attracted and listened from their windows.

John Talking with farmer Wilfried at Anabaptist Gathering place near Schleitheim

This morning we drove to Hemmental where our friend, and local farmer, Wilfred met us with his tractor and wagon. He drove us through the Forrest to the monument on the grounds. The monument was erected in remembrance of the Anabaptist who lost their lives when they gathered here for worship, nurture and encouragement.

5 of us hiked up the trail . Those who climbed realized the cost and commitment these local believers paid to follow their conscience. They were going against the culture that demanded certain loyalty and had the power of the government and police to control it citizens.

John outlined the principles of the Schleitheim Confession of Faith. We use it today guiding our church life. It came from meetings in this Forrest. John asked what is absolute for us? This Marker portrays the life of people who gave us a foundation for our faith. Ross responded that this is a hard question and it is hard for him to list.

Richard with Petra and a journalist friend talking at the marker in Tauferhutten im Wald

The Rhine Falls at Neuhausen were wonderful to visit, especially for Nancy since it was her birthday. We took an hour to walk and take photos. Ray and Elizabeth enjoyed feeding the fish in the river as it flowed from the falls.

This afternoon is free time in Zurich for last minute shopping and for us packing our suitcases for our flight home tomorrow. At our farewell dinner this evening John will give a quiz. It will be a great reminder of all that we have seen on this tour. Will Ross Kennel win the prize for getting most correct answers? Or will he yield the prize to his cousins?

Wilmer Martin

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